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Building companies and their teams that shape America's future.

Toney Greer (born Anthony Juane Dereon Greer, September 23, 1991) is an American entrepreneur, humanitarian, and actor. Toney owns two longstanding enterprises: The Royal Society of United States, a luxury security management and concierge firm, and Taste of Italy, an international authentic Italian restaurant with one of its many locations served in his hometown Nashville, Tennessee, for nearly two decades. With over two decades of experience working in the luxury security management, and hospitality industries, he brings to business what frosting brings to cake: Perfection.


For a long time, he pursued a career within the entertainment industry, singing and acting, before venturing into his true purpose: entrepreneurship. Toney graduated from the Middle College of Nashville State Community College in 2010. He has acquired an impressive repertoire of business skills in marketing, leadership, problem-solving, financial management, and numerous other areas. In 2015, at just 22 years old, Toney left the entertainment industry and started his first company. Putting together passion, hard work, commitment, a deeply intuitive personality, and leadership qualities, Toney was able to build these businesses from the ground up and scale them to mass appeal.


After overcoming the adversity of his first restaurant and bar, Blum North, being burned down in 2021, Toney became the brand owner of multiple successful ventures. Additionally, in 2023 Toney transformed Blum North into BLÜM, a government contract firm that serves a trillion-dollar industry providing travel and tourism, staffing, and recruiting services, aiming to create job opportunities in the Nashville community and expand nationally, stimulating its economic growth. However, his ambitions go beyond business success. Toney stated, “My purpose stands to empower others to reach their full potential and achieve success for themselves and their families by sharing my God-given gifts.”


Toney’s flexibility in the business and hospitality industries helps him connect with others professionally and personally. Although he has worked alongside some of the world's most powerful and influential individuals and companies, his goal now is to help underprivileged communities, families, and individuals grow, develop, and thrive in a competitive business world.


Toney is deeply rooted in his humanitarian efforts and plans to provide scholarship programs for all levels of education. If you have the same aspirations, he'd love to connect with you. Or, if you'd like to discuss business, message him, as he welcomes an open network!

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